Len and I have recently been visiting some of the art galleries in the Berkshires.
The Berkshires has a dynamic mix year round of contemporary art through its world-class collection
of galleries.
It is the home to an exciting array of living artists working in both abstract and representational styles to create sculptures, paintings, prints, photographs, new media, fine crafts ,and design.
Whether you are interested in being the first to discover emerging artists or being inspired by the many renowned artists and artisans who make their home here, we encourage you to enjoy the visual feasts found in our galleries and take home an artwork that speaks eloquently to you and your time spent in the Berkshires.

Yesterday, we visited the Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield.
It is a beautiful space.
It had a wonderful ceramics collection on display.
We than made our way to the Hoadley Gallery in Lenox.
It too had some exciting ceramics among other things on display.
We didn’t make any purchases this day.
On the street, we ran into Linda Novik.
She is a painter who we purchased several paintings from through the years.
She has a multi-media approach to her work.
We chatted for a while to find out that she is moving here full time and more excitement she is now making jewelry.
I love hand crafted items and she may twist my arm into buying one of her new creations.