I have been kayaking throughout Berkshire County for the past three years.  I have come to enjoy this sport with several friends.  We use an Appalachian Mountain Club guidebook to help us discover new places each week. I’ve also gotten a lot of tips about where to go from the Berkshire Outfitters, http://www.berkshireoutfitters.com/. We have a few favorites that we go back to but are eager to find new venues.   Last week, we returned to Goose Pond which is close to the towns of Lee and Tyringham.  It was a wonderful spot!  There were only a few other kayakers on the smooth, clear water.  The reflections of trees on the surface of the pond were enchanting. We eagerly paddled across Lower Goose Pond observing some changes in the homes along the shores.  We approached the channel  which connects the inhabited Goose Pond to the undeveloped Upper Goose Pond.  The shores of this channel are lined with Birch trees. We could see fish swimming in the channel.  The Upper Pond is surrounded by the Appalachian Trail and some cabins for the hikers.  We claimed a tiny island in the middle of the pond as ours for the day. After beaching the best kayaks of 2017 on the island, and went for a swim in the crystal clear sparkling water. Afterwards, we ate fresh blueberries and relaxed on a large rock.  Paradise.