One of the things I LOVE about the Berkshires and Massachusetts as a whole is the great array of cultural events to entertain. These plays, conversations and art openings become increasingly more important to me as the darkness of winter closes around us and we spend more and more time with our toes by the fire.

I am looking forward to some nice upcoming events at the Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Located in Great Barrington (about 8 miles from us) the college has some interesting art on display I hope to go see.

A local artist by the name of Karen Arp-Sandel has an exhibition called  “Conversational Collage Chronicles”. It seems that her work is founded in the gathering of mementos, like postcards and travel diaries, to make a

Karen Arp-Sandel's piece, Triskelion Tribute to BrunaBoinne

Karen Arp-Sandel, watercolor collage

narrative. The art is already hung, but there will be a reception on Nov. 7 from 5 pm – 7 pm at the Atrium Gallery at the Alumni Library. Art openings are always full of fascinating people, great conversation, and usually pretty nice wine!

Another exhibit currently on display at Bard College is called “Home, Otherness and Memories”. Anaele Adis Iroh, the artist, is from the Center for Transcultural Research and Media Practice at the Dublin Institute of Technology! He works in mixed media to examine and explore the concepts of home, otherness and memories. The exhibition will be on display in the lower lobby of the College’s Daniel Arts Center.

I often feel privileged to live close to a college campus. They are still such centers for arts and culture, and I like to be able to visit and take advantage of their resources.

The other exhibit on display is a faculty show by a gentleman named William Jackson. His work is titled “Formations and Transformations.” According to the artist, the exhibited works include “diverse visual and tactile vocabularies of deformation, re-combination, and hybridization. They explore possibilities that bridge two – and three-dimensional expressions, but also embrace digital and analog methods.” Wow! Sounds pretty amazing! The Gallery is located across from Bard College at Simon’s Rock’s main campus, and is open 12-5pm daily. I think I will try to go to the opening but come early so I can see the other exhibits also.

I hope some of my guests at Applegate will want to come with us to the art opening, or get a chance to check out this fine work when they come to stay with us over the next couple weeks!