There are lots of delicious eats near our little Bed and Breakfast in the Berkshires! Almost anything you could imagine is available within a 10-mile radius of Lee.

I thought I would just take a minute to talk about some of the most popular eateries in the region.

The Cranwell Golf Resort has some very nice high-end dining, if you are looking for that experience. They have a buy locally policy, and are a member of “Berkshire Grown”, which supports neighborhood family farms and helps to preserve the open spaces in the community.

The Wyndhurst and the Music Room restaurants at the golf course have long been known for great cuisine. They are also popular because they have breath-taking mountain views and a decor almost as nice as our Lenox Bed and Breakfast! They serve a creative and award-winning American Style cuisine. Dinner in the Music Room and Wyndhurst provides a meal with great presentation in a fine dining environment. This is a good place for a fancy anniversary dinner or something special before going to the theater.

Another popular place, also very nice, but very different stylistically, is the Bizen Kaiseki Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Great Barrington, not far from our Bed and Breakfast in Lenox. Japanese cuisine has been becoming more and more popular state-side. This restaurant has wonderful Japanese decor, and a very handy sushi chef behind the bar! Some people rave about their sushi and say it’s the best East of the Mississippi and others say there are better rolls elsewhere, but it is popular nonetheless. Bring a little patience with you, however, the place is usually busy and service can drag sometimes.

Of course, these are just suggestions for dinner. Our Bed and Breakfast Massachusetts has delicious gourmet breakfasts every morning! We also support local farms and buy local produce whenever possible. Applegate Inn also grows our own veggies and herbs in the summertime! Can’t wait to see you in the morning!