One of the things we enjoy most about our Stockbridge MA hotel is its proximity to great art. From Tanglewood to Jacob’s Pillow to theater festivals, there is almost always something exciting happening nearby. We at the Inn take advantage of these outstanding opportunities as much as we can, and we encourage our visitors to do so, too. Let us know how we can help facilitate your enjoyment of the arts in the area adjacent to our Berkshires bed and breakfast.

In 1930, a dancing couple purchased Jacob’s Pillow Farm, which was first homesteaded in 1790. Since then, dance has been part of the 163-acres that sit atop a hill near an old stage-coach road between Albany, NY and Boston, MA. What ultimately became known as the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival has had many versions throughout the years, but has always remained true to its desire “to present and preserve a wide-ranging variety of dance forms” and to maintain “a diversity unparalleled among American dance festivals” (Jacob’s Pillow Website).

Today, Jacob’s Pillow is an international dance organization that is often considered to be the “mecca” of dance. Dancers from more than fifty dance companies from around the globe make pilgrimages here to participate in workshops, perform, and celebrate dance. Visitors may observe dancers as they train at The School at Jacob’s Pillow, or in performances at one of three venues. Visitors have access to thousands of videos and photographs in the Archives. In addition, more than 200 free performances, classes, tours and events make up the Community Dance Programs that are designed to keep the medium of dance alive and share it with both experienced and novice dancers.

The festivals at Jacob’s Pillow start June 24th. Plan to stay at the Applegate Inn and delight in the wonders of Jacob’s Pillow.