One of the most reputable and unique art museums in the world is near our Berkshires bed and breakfast. The Clark Art Institute is both a first class art museum and a highly acclaimed research museum with a mission to “advancing and extending the public understanding of art.” It is also located in a rural area, which is extremely rare for a museum of its kind.

The Clark is perhaps best known for its collection of French Impressionist paintings, which is extensive. In addition, world-renowned exhibits rotate through the museum. Now through October 18, visitors will have the opportunity to view “Through the Seasons: Japanese Art in Nature”. This exhibit features scrolls and screens from the seventeenth through 19th centuries, and contemporary ceramics: the works are linked by “emphasizing the inspirational role of nature in Japanese art” (Clark website). “Dove/O’Keeffe: Circles of Influence” runs through September 7, 2009; it explores the influence of Arthur Dove on O’Keeffe and her work. According to the Clark website, the artistic dialogue between O’Keeffe and Dove “yielded a form of modernism grounded in direct, emotional responses to nature, and their profound aesthetic connection helped shape the course of art in America.” Both of these exhibits are worth a trip to The Clark.

Located as it is in one of the most scenic areas of western Massachusetts, The Clark invites visitors to experience the outdoors through Geocaching. Bring your own GPS or borrow one free of charge from the museum and head into the wild. Geocaching is a game. Hikers use a GPS device to locate hidden containers (geocaches) full of treasures that were left behind by other geocachers. Leave your own treasure and then go in search of the next cache. It is a great way to get out into the fresh air, stretch your legs, and enjoy the beauty of the Berkshires.

Check out some of The Clark Art Institute specials that combine entry into the museum with tickets to Tanglewood. Our Massachusetts Bed and Breakfast is ideally situated to take advantage of both Tanglewood and The Clark, and we hope you do while you are staying here. When you feel the need to take a vacation from your vacation, simply pull up a chaise lounge and relax by the pool. Art, music, and relaxation – that is what summer is all about.