If you have always dreamed of hiking part of the Appalachian Trail, let us help you realize that dream. The Appalachian Trail passes close to our Lenox MA bed and breakfast. Stay with us while you plan your trip, and sink into a hot tub back at the inn at the end of the day. There is no finer place to recover after a long hike than our Bed and Breakfast Berkshires.

Greylock panorama

A panoramic view from Mount Greylock, part of the Appalachian Trail

Take advantage of our Appalachian Trail Hiker’s Special the next time you stay at our Lenox Bed and Breakfast. We’ll share what we know about the trail, and help you get there. In order to hike the Appalachian Trail, one must either retrace steps, or arrange for transportation. We will drive out with you so you may leave your car at a trailhead, then we’ll drop you at another trailhead further up (or down) the trail. This way you can experience the trail without having to walk it twice.

Perhaps the best part of our home stretch of the Appalachian Trail is that it passes close to so many interesting towns, like Lenox, Lee, and Norman Rockwell’s Stockbridge. It is easy to incorporate a hike into a vacation filled with art galleries, music, and history. You can work up a hearty appetite, and satisfy it at any number of excellent restaurants.

So hike along a high, dry ridgewalk, enjoying views of Vermont, New York, Connecticut and the vast swath of Massachusetts Berkshires. Descend into valleys filled with wildflowers (we’ve counted more than fifty varieties while hiking in May). Or summit Mount Greylock. The Appalachian Trail traverses some of the most beautiful parts of western Massachusetts, and it is just waiting for you.