Catamount Ski Area has closed for the season, but Catamount Adventure Park is open for business. It is quite close to our Lee, MA bed and breakfast; sleep late, eat well, have an adventure, and still be back in time to gather in the parlor for a glass of wine.

What does one do at an adventure park? Stretch your idea of what you can do, for one. Climb tall trees, soar from tree to tree on ropes, cross narrow bridges high above the ground, and whizz down zip lines. You won’t believe what you can do until you’ve done it, then you’ll want to do it again.

Catamount Adventure Park takes safety seriously, so you don’t need to worry. It is also understood that for some, it is a great adventure to simply stand at a great height, so the courses come in many different levels. You will find a course on which you can challenge yourself, and you will be thrilled.

Once you’ve confronted your inner fears, return to our bed and breakfast Berkshires for a dip in the pool or a gentle walk through our gardens. Let us toast your tremendous feat and recommend good local restaurants where you can celebrate what you’ve done in style.

Catamount Adventure Park is open weekends through June 20, and daily after that.

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