Berkshires Ski VacationIf you’re like me, you just about can’t believe that ski season is nearly upon us – where on earth did summer go? – but it’s true, so you’d better get to planning your Berkshires ski vacation now while the time is ripe!

It may only be fall now but NOW is the time to make those reservations for lodging and lift tickets – there’s not a moment to lose as, once the season is in full swing, finding decent accommodations is going to be a real trick.

Whether you’re a fan of alpine or Nordic skiing (that is downhill or cross-country, respectively, for those of you who are used to the more common terms), we’ve resorts supporting your chosen style – if not both!

And snowboarding. Can we do snowboarding! The hills are alive with snowboarding runs! It’s hard to believe that snowboarding was so roundly scoffed at not so long ago. Now they’re an accepted part of the scene and this fantastic sport is supported at most resorts with runs, trails, and half-pipes.

Of course, it’s not all skis and snowboards. If you’re not big on skiing but still enjoy the high country with a thick blanket of snow on top, there are numerous other things to do; trails for snowshoeing, snowmobile tours, and many resorts also have tubing hills and runs – even some with lifts! And, when you’re done and wanting to warm up before heading back to your lodging, many resorts feature lounges or lunching facilities. That hits the spot!

Berkshires Ski Vacation Specials!

The best part of all this is that, we’ve some specials running, from November to May, that will put some zing in your Berkshires ski vacation: we offer a two night, a three night, and a mid-week lodging special – the latter of which includes an option for some ski-savings! Check ‘em out!

No hotel or motel is going to fill you up with a warm, delicious, and nutritious breakfast before your day on the slopes the way Applegate Inn will, nor will a hotel or motel have the cozy, homey feel of a bed and breakfast that your chilled bones and sore muscles will be aching for after a day of busting powder. So, when that fresh snow falls and the lifts start running, don’t be caught out – plan your Berkshires ski vacation now!