Stockbridge Main Street At ChristmasHave you ever wished you could visit a painting? Seen an image to warm and resonant that you wished you could just stroll right into it? Well, you can! Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “Stockbridge Main Street At Christmas,” comes to life on December 8th in Stockbridge, MA.

Stockbridge’s Main Street takes a magical, holiday twist with over 50 antique cars and a host of activities for all ages, including a visit from Santa! If you’re in the area, you wont want to miss this event!

Norman Rockwell died in 1978 and his work embodies an America that is, for the most part, in the past – yet you can’t live long in this country without being made aware of his iconic work.

Norman Rockwell produced over 4,000 works in his lifetime, the most popular of which graced the covers and interiors of The Saturday Evening Post, Look magazine, Boys’ Life, and others. The warmth, life, and humor of his sketches and illustrations are quintessentially American.

Late in his career, Rockwell set up a custodianship for his original work at a building known as the Old Corner house near his home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. When his health began to fail, the contents of his studio were also donated to this building, maintained by the Stockbridge Historical Society and, by that time, known as The Norman Rockwell Museum.

The Norman Rockwell Museum presently holds the most expansive collection of original Norman Rockwell art in the world and actively works to preserve, study, and promote the life, art and spirit of this great illustrator.

The permanent collection on display includes paintings, drawings, sketches, and photographs that reflect the evolution Rockwell’s life and work. Norman Rockwell’s Stockbridge studio is also on display, allowing visitors a chance to get an idea of how the great illustrator worked. Contents of this exhibit include the materials and equipment Rockwell used to complete his work, the large, personal art library he drew inspiration from, mementos from his travels, and artwork sent in by fans.

One of the current, temporary exhibits is a timely display entitled “Norman Rockwell: Home for the Holidays,” which details his Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve themed works. “Norman Rockwell: Home for the Holidays” is on display at The Norman Rockwell Museum from November 9 through January 26, 2014.

Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas

December 8 – 12pm-2:00pm
More details can be found here:

The Norman Rockwell Museum

9 Route 183 – Stockbridge, MA 01262
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Lodging in Norman Rockwell’s America
Applegate Inn, like the Norman Rockwell Museum, is nestled in the Berkshires; a part of the country Norman Rockwell lived in, loved, and pulled inspiration from. Much of the world that Rockwell illustrated has slipped into the past but nuggets remain and we like to think that bed and breakfasts like Applegate Inn are a living part of a fine, old tradition worth experiencing and preserving. Allow us to welcome you into our home and host your visit to the Berkshires – you wont regret it.