Festival of Trees 2013: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowThe Festival of Trees 2013: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, as presented by the Berkshire Museum, features more than 200 spectacular Christmas trees decorated to represent the past, present, and future.

The theme for this year’s Festival of Trees was inspired by the museum’s 110th anniversary – thus you will see trees representing the museum’s first year – 1903 – the present year, and the year 2123: 110 years from today!

The differences between 1903 and 2013 can seem great. Trains and trolley cars were the most fashionable mode of transportation then, and connected the Berkshires with New York city; Teddy Roosevelt was president and enmeshed in Panama; wind-up tin toys, pistols that fired blanks, and ceramic headed dolls were the most popular toys. For all that has changed, however, so much remains the same: family, community, and colorful holiday decorations remain the focus this time of year – and, of course, the Christmas tree.

So what of the future? With the advent of 3-D printing, Cloud computing and the ever-changing whims of fashion, it is hard to say. Students from a local school have created a “future tree” that glows silver and is sprouting a fanciful crop of beach-ball fruit – and who knows? they may be ahead of their times.

The 29th annual Festival of Trees, is sponsored by local businesses, schools, and community organizations, with proceeds going towards the many educational programs provided by the Berkshire Museum to the community.

If you visit the display during a December weekend, do not be too surprised if you suddenly find yourself being entertained by brief, live carols or a string quartet – or both! Part of the display on weekends are these holiday, flash-mob concerts scheduled to happen … whenever and wherever. Delightful!

The Festival of Trees 2013: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Nov 23rd, 2013 – Jan 2nd, 2014
Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA
For more information and directions, please visit: berkshiremuseum.org