Bash Bish FallsIf you have never seen Bash Bish Falls, located on the state line of NY and MA in Mt. Washington, you’re missing what is undoubtedly the most spectacular waterfall in Massachusetts.


Bash Bish Falls name has to be onomatopoeia. Runoff and spring-fed waters splash over a series of dramatic gorges before tumbling down 80 feet  into the pools below – what a sight! It is well worth the moderate hike from the parking area at Bash Bish Falls State Park.

Bash Bish Falls are gorgeous and entrancing even when there hasn’t been much rain. With spring’s rains, however, Bash Bish Falls are going to be quite spectacular once more. Soon they’ll be  filling the air and covering the nearby foliage (and visitors!) with mist from all that bashing, bishing water.

As mentioned above, the hike from the parking lot to the falls is a fairly easy one. It’s a little steep but so short that you’ll end up appreciating the minor workout for your legs and lungs. Hey, if grandpa and the kids can do it – and they can – so can you.

Another trail exists for visiting Bash Bish Falls from above and enjoying not only the falling water but some pretty incredible views of the surrounding area – the only problem is that it can be a treacherous experience. The trail runs along the craggy, slippery rocks of the falls and, despite the wire fencing, one misstep could land you in the hospital … or worse – and by no means would you be the first. A fall from Bash Bish Falls could bash you to bits – so please be careful! This second hike is not recommended for anyone who is unsteady, unpredictable, or unwise.

There are a number of nice hiking trails near the falls as well, so it would be easy to make a day of the visit with Bash Bish Falls State park as a basecamp or just one attraction. Best of all? Applegate Inn is less than an hour away.

For more information, visit the official website for Bash Bish Falls.