Berkshire Collects - Tea Cup CollectionMany of us collect something – art, watches, books, coins – but who collects collections? The Berkshire Museum, that’s who – and they’ve collected together a bunch of local collections in their Berkshire Collects exhibit, running now through May 11th.

As a species, we love to collect and organize, seemingly, and never is the statement “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” made more obvious than by viewing the grouped results of someone’s long-term collecting passion. The act of collecting is integral to a museum’s purpose and the Berkshire Collects exhibit is a tip of the hat to the kind of activities that built the Berkshire Museum some 110 years ago.

With more than 40 Berkshire County collectors sharing their treasures, Berkshire Collects is a fascinating showcase of of every kind of object you can imagine, from Pez dispensers to rare motorcycles, wind-up toys to vintage guitars, antique toasters to exotic insects. Some of the collections are made up of rare objects, others historic artistic or astonishing, some seems just plain odd – but all are the result of concentrated interest to their curators. Even the most mundane of objects can be stunning when diverse versions of them are gathered together and displayed.

Berkshire Collects is not just about the collections but also the collectors, themselves: how did they start and what drives them to collect? It is this human interest angle that may be the most fascinating part of the exhibit; the stories of the collectors.

Berkshire Collects at the Berkshire Museum

January 25th – May 11, 2014
For further information, please visit:

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