Bash Bish Falls State ParkBash Bish Falls may be the most iconic and famous of all the waterfalls in the Berkshires. It’s certainly the highest, tumbling nearly 120 feet down a series of cascades, before being split in two for a final drop of 80 feet to the sparkling pool below. Stunning!

Unfortunately, Bash Bish Falls’ fame means it is also one of the most heavily visited sites in the state. This is particularly true during the hot months of summer when so many are on vacation and the allure of the waterfall’s cool spray is strongest.

Consequently, one of the best times to visit Bash Bish Falls State Park is in the spring. Not only are the crowds fewer during this time of year but the flow of Bash Bish Brook tends to be stronger, making the falls that much more dramatic. A real win-win!

Bash Bish Falls State Park is located in the town of Mount Washington, in the southwestern corner of Massachusetts, near Mount Everett State Reservation and Taconic State Park.

The drive to the park from Applegate Inn, our Berkshires B&B, here in Lee, MA is only about 45 minutes. The drive is so gorgeous, though, it always seems much shorter than that!

The park was named for the falls and contains a number of gorges supporting an eastern hemlock forest. Though there are trails and shelters in the park and fishing is allowed, the primary purpose of the park is to protect and highlight the falls. The hike to view the falls is a little steep but not at long or difficult. You’ll be there in no time and – wow! Just look at those falls!

The shape and beauty of Bash Bish Falls State Park cries out to be further explored. Another trail exists that will take you to the top of the falls and some amazing views. Unfortunately, the trail can be quite treacherous and people have fallen here to serious injury – and worse. Further, no matter how inviting that pool may look, there is absolutely no swimming. Stay safe and explore the cascade from level ground with a camera.

Luckily, if you are looking to explore a bit, Mount Washington State Forest is directly adjacent to Bash Bish State Park. It offers 30 miles of trails, including the South Taconic Trail. Mount Everett State Forest is also right in the neighborhood. Here you can enjoy a picnic at Guilder Pond and take in a view spanning three states from Mount Everett’s peak.

Bash Bish Falls State Park

Mt. Everett State Reservation, Falls Rd, Mt Washington, MA 01258
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