Turn Park Art Space

Turn Park Art Space is a unique 16-acre, open-air museum, sculpture park, and performance space ensconced in a defunct quarry in West Stockbridge, MA.

Fans of art and nature will not want to skip a visit to Turn Park Art Space. The unusual combination of a former lime and marble quarry serving as a gallery for modern and contemporary sculpture simply must be seen.

The museum opened in spring of 2017 as a showcase for contemporary architecture and sculpture. The space itself is very unusual and lovely, with hills, meadows, a lake, and stunning views of the surrounding area. The Gate House on the property serves as temporary exhibition space and there is also a small amphitheater.

The park’s thoughtfully landscaped grounds are a wonderful backdrop for its open-air galleries. This newest of Berkshire art museums is easy to overlook but well worth your time. And it’s just minutes from Applegate Inn!

Turn Park Art Space

Visiting Turn Park Art Space

Visitors to the park will discover a unique world of art and nature that they can wander and enjoy. In this museum, exhibit, and performance spaces are lovingly embraced by the natural landscape.

Turn Park Art Space has two levels, separated by a passage of exposed marble bedrock beneath the Gate House gallery.

In the upper portion of the park, you’ll find art spaces in the gently undulating fields and meadows. Outdoor sculpture displays separated and delineated by the park’s meandering paths. The lower level is a large, paved, park-like space filled with small architectural forms. This section of the park includes illumination and is especially striking during evening events.

Turn Park Art Space’s outdoor sculpture collection includes a selection works from the Soviet Nonconformist Art movement of the 1950s through the 1980s. Artists represented in the collection include Nikolai Silis, Vladimir Lemport, and Nazar Bilyk.

The park is also home to ongoing art exhibitions and temporary installations. Turn Park Art Space also hosts a a variety of special events throughout the year: live music, contemporary theater, and performance.

Turn Park Art Space is located at 2 Moscow Road in West Stockbridge, just 15 minutes from the door of our Berkshires bed and breakfast, Applegate Inn. The museum is open 10am to 5pm, Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesdays). Visit the park website for more information. You can also find the park on Facebook.