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Flat Stanley Visits the Berkshires

June 5, 2008 by Applegate Inn

Flat Stanley visits Applegate Inn, a Berkshires B&B

Flat Stanley came to the Berkshires this winter to have a look-see and it turned out that his blitz would hardly touch the surface of what is going on here.
He came from New Jersey. courtesy of our grandson Aaron, who was assigned to send the little man off somewhere. We were chosen as the target.

For those of you who have not met Flat Stanley, he is an ageless boy of 44, born to author Jeff Brown in 1964 and is now flourishing as a way to teach geography and get kids thinking outside their own little boxes.
His traditional form is a small cutout, perhaps 8 inches tall, arms outstretched and legs likewise..
In a bygone era, we’d have called him a paper doll, but his clothes don’t come off.
colored right on the cutout by the child in charge.

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