Antiquing in the Berkshires

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You've shopped for others, now shop for yourself. The Massachusetts Berkshires are home to dozens of antique stores, some small and crammed with every kind of knickknack and collectible imaginable, others large, sparse, and elegant. Avid antiquers have spent months--no, years--perusing the shops and galleries [...]

Ride a Horse Through the Berkshires This Fall

By |2011-09-25T14:33:09+00:00September 25th, 2011|outdoor activities|

The trees have started to turn here, but fall foliage is not yet peaking in the Massachusetts Berkshires. Now is the right time to plan a trip here during peak season. Our Berkshires Bed and Breakfast tends to fill in October, when the surrounding forests [...]

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Ski Butternut

By |2011-03-01T18:18:50+00:00March 1st, 2011|outdoor activities|

There’s snow in them there hills! Ski Butternut is a ski area located in Great Barrington, less than thirty minutes from our Lee MA Bed and Breakfast. Though spring is just around the corner, there should be snow for some time to come. In other [...]

Quintessential New England Winter

By |2011-02-16T14:16:01+00:00February 16th, 2011|outdoor activities|

New England has been hit with one snowstorm after another this winter. Inch by inch we've watched our driveways become narrower and our mailboxes become shorter. All this snow may have its disadvantages, but the view from the windows of our Lenox MA Bed and [...]

Winter Bliss in the Berkshires

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It's cold in the Northeast these days. We imagine that folks in the city - be in Boston, New York, Hartford, or some other place - are bundled into themselves, swathed in scarves, hats and winter coats as they trudge from one warm interior to [...]

Shop the Berkshires

By |2010-12-13T15:31:12+00:00December 13th, 2010|Berkshires Holidays|

There are dozens of unique shops near our luxury Berkshires Bed and Breakfast. December is the perfect time to treat yourself to a few days here while you shop for your friends and family. Nearby Stockbridge, Great Barrington, Lenox and Lee have antique [...]

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