2021 Tanglewood Popular Artists Series – a 2020 Redux

By |2022-02-03T17:29:30+00:00December 20th, 2020|Tanglewood|

If missing a favorite artist’s Tanglewood concert was one of your complaints about 2020, you’ll be happy to learn they’re getting a do-over. The 2021 Tanglewood Popular Artists Series is 2020 rescheduled! 2020 was a bizarre and challenging year for us all. So many of [...]

Opening Night at Tanglewood, 2011

By |2011-06-03T13:01:34+00:00June 3rd, 2011|tanglewood festival|

Tanglewood hosts a multitude of incredible acts each season. During the summer of 2011, audiences will be enraptured by the musings of Garrison Keilor and A Prairie Home Companion, delighted by the melodic voice of James Taylor, and thrilled by the enthusiastic and creative dance [...]

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